Pixit Media PixStor

Pixit Media and Mellanox Technologies Partner to Deliver Guaranteed, 8K-Ready Storage and Network Performance for All Media Workflows

The End of the Appliance

There used to be SAN or NAS. Now there is PixStor. PixStor is a unified, modular architecture that treats storage, file system and network as a single workflow entity delivering guaranteed performance to a virtually unlimited number of streaming or file-sharing clients from a central location.

Mellanox_tagline_logo_vertLeveraging the power of Mellanox’s FDR 56Gb/s Infiniband and 56Gb/s Ethernet ConnectX®-3 Virtual Protocol Interconnect® (VPI) technology as its high speed content delivery mechanism, each standard 2-node PixStor solution can provide over 20 concurrent, uncompressed 4K DPX sequences and up to 8.5PB of usable capacity from a single, centralised asset repository. Not enough? By incrementally adding additional PixStor nodes and commodity storage technology, performance and capacity scale linearly – up to 3TB/s and 500PB of usable storage.

With a 180% performance improvement over Pixit Media’s previous generation architecture without any increase in footprint, power consumption or solution complexity, PixStor offers the lowest cost per high resolution streaming client of any NAS or SAN-based solution in the industry.

Ultimately, by utilising a combined software-defined network and storage approach developed in partnership with Mellanox, we’ve been able to maintain our most important core value: that none of our customers should ever have to be locked-in to a proprietary storage architecture.

PixStor with Mellanox Highlights:
  • Unified storage and network architecture, scalable to over 3TB/s of streaming media performance
  • Incredibly high performance from an incredibly small footprint
  • Open-systems design based on commodity components eliminates proprietary storage lock-in, greatly reducing support and purchasing costs
  • Software-defined, adaptable network fabric that can automatically enable streaming performance where it’s needed, when it’s needed
  • Incredibly low request latency ensures suitability for all components of any media workflow

PixStor offers you scale without SCALE.

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