Azimuth Post is an independent Soho- based post-production facility. Since the installation of Pixit Media’s bespoke PixStor storage system, Azimuth Post has benefited from highly efficient 4K workflows.

“Recently we have taken on a variety of work, ranging from short films to documentaries and high-end corporate videos,” notes Asha McClean, Commercial Director at Azimuth Post. “We provide full post production service from offline to deliverables. Each project brings a new creative challenge, which is why it is imperative to have a flexible workflow solution.”

Market Challenger

Azimuth increased its competitiveness with larger post production facilities by improving its shared storage infrastructure. “We were constantly up against bigger post houses with greater capacity, and now Azimuth Post has the ability to stand side by side with them,” McClean remarks.

After lengthy research into nearline solutions, Azimuth Post chose to work with Pixit Media. “There are many companies offering a lot of different options when it comes to storage solutions. Pixit Media stood out by being a challenger in the market,” says Chris Churcher, Head of Operations at Azimuth Post. “Pixit Media offered both functionality for nearline as well as performance and storage that can power the online suites. PixStor gives us the efficiency and performance that we require and it is based on commodity/non proprietary hardware, which makes it competitively priced.”

Churcher adds, “We particularly appreciated the way Pixit Media presented the system to us. Usually systems are pitched on optimum capacity, whereas Pixit Media flipped the idea on its head and demonstrated the capability of the system on maximum, working up to 99% capacity. This is more realistic to the way we work and gave us enormous peace of mind.”

Limited Space, Unlimited Capacity

Pixit Media installed a single storage node PixStor with 144TB Net useable capacity and 1GB of available storage IO throughput.

“The Pixit Media team really listened to our requirements, understood our environment and worked collaboratively with us, as a boutique agency, we have a variety of equipment including Avid, Smoke, Pro Tools and Nucoda to name just a few. Pixit Media put the time in to analyse the existing kit and space available, and created something bespoke and flexible to fit our needs.” – Chris Churcher, Head of Operations, Azimuth Post

The system was supplied by Pixit Media’s channel partner root6, whose expertise proved invaluable in integrating the workflow with Avid applications.

PixStor provides a central asset repository for all file-based media and also functions as the workflow hub for the offline to online process. The workflow provides multiple pools of storage for different user groups as part of a single system. The nearline storage used for parking file- based media (PixStor) is also, in essence, the primary storage for the grade/online suite (Smoke). This provides Azimuth Post with an efficient route from offline to online. Unique to Azimuth Post, the PixStor system squeezes all this into a 6U footprint, which was a crucial requirement.

Azimuth Post was struck by Pixit Media’s unique approach to creating a bespoke yet cost-effective solution. “As a small company that likes to challenge the big players ourselves, we really appreciate the value of offering something truly unique. Like Azimuth Post, Pixit Media challenges the norms of the giant companies, contributing the refreshing perspective of something wholly independent and unmatched,” McClean concludes.

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