Come On, Let’s Go! To Okido!

Come On, Let’s Go! To Okido!


We’re thrilled to announce that creative agency and customer Squint Opera have expanded their existing PixStor architecture to support CG animation project Okido. Based on a popular magazine, Okido is a kids TV series aimed at 3–5 year olds exploring the everyday science of the world around us and is currently in production.

Squint Opera have used PixStor successfully as their studio infrastructure to deliver multiple visualisation projects, so when it came to expansion it was the natural choice.

One of the reasons we chose PixStor in the first place was that it had the flexibility to adapt to future requirements, we have been able to expand the system to cope with the project data and render demands of a fully animated series cost-effectively.

– Ryan Lintott, CTO, Squint Opera

Lookout for more updates on our work with Squint Opera and Okido.

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