Excellence in Virtualisation Award Winners

Excellence in Virtualisation Award Winners

We were proud to receive the award for Excellence in Virtualisation at last night’s Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards in London alongside our customer Jellyfish Pictures, reseller partner ERA, Teradici and Microsoft Azure. 

This collaborative project provides a reference architecture for production studios and design firms wishing to implement security-compliant multi-tenant virtual studio environments, offering unprecedented scalability in-city, nationwide and even internationally.

Leveraging our highly scalable PixStor enterprise storage with secure multi-tenancy on a single storage fabric and ultra-secure PCoIP remote workstation access, the architecture offers a template for concurrent isolated virtual studios instantiated on a per-project basis, each studio meeting distinct production requirements in terms of staffing, compliance and infrastructure.

“We have multiple projects coming up that will demand crewing up with the very best talent very quickly. Casting off the constraints of infrastructure, which traditionally has been the industry’s way of working, means we are not limited to the London talent pool and can easily scale up in a more efficient and economical way than ever before… Technology is enabling us to expand our horizon across the UK and beyond…”

Phil Dobree, CEO of Jellyfish Pictures.
Jeremy Smith CTO Jellyfish celebrates the award with the team from Pixit Media and ERA
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