Pixit Announces Premier Partnership with Google Cloud Platform

Pixit Announces Premier Partnership with Google Cloud Platform

Pixit Media has collaborated with Google Cloud Platform to provide a range of new services to both new and existing Pixit Media PixStor customers that could save media organisations hundreds of thousands in capital expenditure costs and significantly accelerate project completion times.

PixCache Cloud Render Gateway

CloudPlatform_Logo_no_words_webThe PixCache Cloud Render Gateway for Google Cloud Platform massively reduces the time and complexity required to launch render compute resources in the cloud by automatically caching assets from the customer’s local premises using Google Cloud Platform services. This unique capability allows you to extend your CG and VFX pipeline into the cloud rapidly and cost-effectively. The PixCache Cloud Render Gateway for Google Cloud Platform accelerates time to render because it:

  • Minimises data transfer costs by caching your assets to a single point in the cloud without requiring assets to be placed on every single virtual render node.
  • Automatically transfers a single copy of the data that is requested by the cloud render instances, from your existing on-site storage and into the cloud – no matter how many render instances are in use.
  • Automatically transfers new content directly back to your onsite storage, without any manual data movement.
  • Provides each cloud render instance with an easy-access protocol such as NFS or CIFS.
  • Adheres to existing on-site ACLs and security standards.
  • Requires no additional hardware at either site.

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PixStor Backup and Archive for Google Cloud Storage

CloudStorage_Blue_Logo_webPixStor already reduces backup and archive windows from days to minutes, ensuring your data is protected in as little time as possible. Now you can extend your backup and archive targets to Google Cloud Storage directly from PixStor without the need for costly interfaces or additional hardware such as tape libraries, data movers and WAN accelerators. With PixStor Backup and Archive for Google Cloud Storage, media companies can:


  • Remove or reduce the cost of on-site backup and archive infrastructure.
  • Realise significant real estate cost savings by removing physical tape storage requirements – freeing up space for more artists.
  • Obtain a ‘quick and easy’ location for 2nd/3rd copy of data for disaster recovery purposes – completely on-demand.

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