Exploit Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Assets

Machine Learning Asset Search

Machine Box integrates with PixStor Search to automate metadata extraction using machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing users to perform fast, easy content searches. PixStor Search with Machine Box creates an instant ‘AI’ searchable asset library. PixStor Search with Machine Box tags each object providing for automatic analysis and monetization of millions of visual assets.

NVMe In the Studio; For 8K and Beyond

The revolution in high-resolution uncompressed workflows has overwhelmed the throughput capabilities of legacy Fibre Channel and Scale-Out NAS storage, making it increasingly unaffordable to use traditional RAID-based storage hardware to deliver performance to workstations and servers. Fortunately, a simultaneous revolution is occurring in storage – delivering new levels of breakthrough performance.

PixStor & Tiger Technology Project Serve

The combination of Pixit Media’s software-defined storage and asset-management infrastructure with Tiger Technology’s project-centric workflow management appliance greatly streamlines demanding production pipelines by simplifying, eliminating, and automating many of the traditional tasks that have been time consuming, error prone, and disruptive.

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