Splice choose PixStor for storage expansion

Splice choose PixStor for storage expansion

East London’s premier post facility Splice, headquartered in the leafy creative hub of Shoreditch’s Perseverance Works, has just made a significant investment in 680TB of Pixit Media’s PixStor storage, offering a huge list of benefits to the facility.

Splice were looking for a versatile solution that would provide fast working storage as well as archive storage.  They are using their generous quantity of PixStor storage to offload and park projects from its Avid Isis and also provide a short-term backup for live projects.

One of the brilliant advantages is the performance of the drives doesn’t degrade as the system fills up. You get the same performance whether it’s 5% or 95% full.  A 10Gbit dark fibre connection links Perseverance Works to Splice’s new Old Street building everyone working at Splice can access the storage in the same way regardless of the building they are in.” – Damian Dolniak, Splice co-founder and MD

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